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...in the desperate hours, three immigrants do the unimaginable to save a human life.  By doing so they become the one thing they've been running from.  They become the stereotype...

 ...they become the villains.

Political skepticism is on the rise. We are slowly waning from the kindness we shared and how united we stood to prove that love for one another will always prevail, toward an era of mistrust and global instability. We are angry and feel cheated as Americans. We hold the terrorists, Al Qaeda, Saddam, and Osama in the highest contempt, yet are confused about propaganda, Enron, presidential polls, weapons of mass destruction, and the media.


In the vein of Crash, In America, Falling Down, and Dog Day Afternoon; Happiness in New York City is about four friends of middle eastern descent, who have left their lives and loved ones behind to come to the land of opportunity.  Living in a one bedroom brownstone in New York City, we follow their journey to better themselves and chase the American dream against all odds...

 ...it is a year and a half since the Twin Towers came crumbling down, changing the course of this country forever



This is a gripping film about the purity of friendship and the harrowing experience of loss, set against a political backdrop.  Through the emotional highs and lows, the story forces the audience to look inward and question how the very foundation of what made this country America has become tainted by our own fears, and jaded by our own prejudices and short comings.  That being said, the movie itself is strictly a relationship piece that turns into a suspenseful heist film.  The characters themselves are completely unaware of the politics involved. 


Happiness In New York City has become a passion project for me.  I wrote it to star in and am helping produce it. The budget is set at 3 million dollars.  If you qualify and are interested in investing in this project, please contact me for more information.  There is a breakdown and an investors event coming shortly...

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