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Working on Henry Danger! This is my first show for Nickelodeon! episode - Seasons Beatings. Will air around christmas time.
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Just booked a part on the amazing feature THE LAUNDROMAT directed by the great Steven Soderbergh with the unbelievable talent; Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman, Antinio Banderas, Will Forte and RileyKeough among others...
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Excited to join LA Talent. My new commercial team. :)
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New set of headshots by my dear friend Bjoern Kommerell. Check them out.
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Check out my new headshots photographed by Brad Buckman.
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Part of the team at Impact Artist's Group. Super excited to collaborate with such a great management team!
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On stage in Honolulu! Playing the part of El Fayoumi in the great Stephen Adly Guirgis play; THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT. Loving every moment of it... if you're in Hawaii, make sure to catch this...amazing play. THE PLAY IS AVAILABLE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE. CHECK IT OUT!
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Book three of Mary Yungeberg's Rowan Milani chronicles, A CHANGED MAN will be out soon... very excited 😉

Make sure to get your copy. 

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PASHA IS BACK in the sequel to American Wrestler.  Back filming w the awesome cast and crew on AMERICAN FIGHTER! Make sure to look out for it....
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Happy to be a part of LOST WEEKEND with my boy Peter Marshall Smith and a wonderful cast!
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Make sure to catch AMERICAN WRESTLER; The Wizard. It's a great movie and available everywhere !
3:31 pm pdt          Comments

So happy to be a part of my dear friend Ali Afshar's AMERICAN WRESTLER THE WIZARD! Fantastic film and so relevant. Check it out on May 3rd in selected theatres...
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I just joined the cast of Ray Donavon... love the show. I'll be guest starring on the seaon finale this year.
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1979 Revolution is available for download! Enjoy! You can get at this link:
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I am happy to be part of THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTIVES team, my new theatrical agents.
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Make sure to catch His Secret Family on Lifetime. I am playing the supporting lead, Detective Miller.
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Wrote a new screenplay called PARKER aka A Life Least Expected. In the process of developing it.
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Starring in my first motion capture video game 1979 REVOLUTION! Working with the great director Navid Khonsari who brought us the GRAND THEFT AUTO and MAX PAIN series... very excited!
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Playing the role Pasha in my dear friend Ali Afshars movie THE WIZARD with the great John Voight and William Fichtner ... shooting in the bay area :)
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My dear friends,
As some you know, I've been teaching the craft of acting and all related curriculums that have to do with theatre, television and film for some time now, more than I'd like to admit. Over the years, I've been asked by colleagues, students and friends to create some form of school which I've been hesitant to do. Well, it seems that I have now jumped into the ocean of social media without any gear; I've finally started my first YouTube channel. I think it's time to use this beast to do something profound, educational and relevant. Now by no means is this a glamorous event... so far it's just me with all my neurosis and my iPhone, nothing pretty. I want to create a forum to discuss the craft on a global level; to reach the most difficult surroundings and give to those who don't have the means to live in Hollywood. Now by no means am I saying that my methods are correct, on the contrary I welcome my professional actors to interject, perhaps even to come on board and talk about their experiences and wisdom. I'm calling the channel, Acting Tips; a candid talk with Nicholas Guilak about good acting. Those who are interested please come on board and subscribe to the channel and I implore you to spread the word to all actors or industry folk you know. So far the things I'm talking about are quite general and will become more specific once comments are placed. I'm not selling anything or trying to push any kind of agenda, I just want to create a forum for actors to talk about the craft. Please join me in this crazy endeavor and subscribe to my channel and spread the word. Thank you for your support.


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FBI Special Agent Rowan Milani doesn't expect his life to be turned upside down when he arrives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for an Anti-Terrorism Task Force operation. But the clandestine side of his life catches up with him as he circumvents the target on his back one too many times. Be drawn into Rowan's frightening journey as he encounters a gullible Intelligence Community, the bloodthirsty media and a terror-weary country, all willing to believe the worst about the son of an Iranian immigrant. Set against the backdrop of an insidious terror plot, Consummate Betrayal is a rich tapestry of intertwining relationships based on unconditional love, sacrificial friendship, and the courage of a fiercely honorable man pursued by relentless evil. Cover photo of Nicholas Guilak by Bjoern Kommerell.




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